Don't Buy Unqualified Roofing Appointments 

Why Buying Roofing Appointments is NOT a Good Idea For Roofers Unless the Roofing Appointment is.....

Buying roofing appointment is the equivalent of a roofer going to a dark alley and buying a bag that you can't see inside. You don't know where it came from, what's in it, or how long it will last. Chances are not good that you'll get something worth your while – if anything at all.

You may think that buying roofing appointment is an easy way to fill your calendar, but these leads often end up being dead-ends. The information provided about the roofing project might be outdated, inaccurate or completely made up! Then you're stuck with wasted time and gas money spent getting to the appointment that doesn't exist or isn’t interested in hiring you for said roof new roof installation.

If you buy Roofing Appointments make darn tooting sure they meet the following qualifications:

Roofing Appointment are expensive and the details are not always accurate

It's difficult to know whether or not the leads are actually interested in your services because you have never spoken with the prospect.

You have not built any rapport with the prospect.

It's difficult to determine whether or not the leads are legitimate until after you knock on the homeowner’s door.

You waste a lot of time going out on appointments that don't pan out

Most of the leads are unqualified

If it seems too good to be true it probably is…

You are probably a lot like me. You were born at night, but not last night right!

So why would anyone believe a package of 20 roofing appoints for $750 would be a good deal.  Bro, just check the price of a click for the term roofing contractor near me.

$14.53 per click- not per lead. If you are good it will take 5 clicks to generate a lead.  That is $72.65 for one lead.  You can do the math on what 20 leads would cost.

Righty-ho so that agency is not selling you leads off of Google. 

They are probably peeling away the prospects off Facebook or probably most likely TikTok.

People go on Facebook not to find a roofing contractor, but to find out that status of Aunt Ruthie’s gout. They go on TikTok to watch a 20 second video of the latest fashion trend by some queer Asian Pop band.

It seems like a no-brainer. If you need more roofing appointment, just buy them, right? Unfortunately, it's not that simple. When you buy roofing appointment, you're getting leads that may or may not be interested in your services. You're also paying for leads that may have already been contacted by other roofers. In most cases, it's better to focus on generating your own leads rather than buying them. In this blog post, we'll discuss the reasons why buying appointments is a bad idea for your roofing business.

To Sum Up Don’t Buy Roofing Appointmentsunless…..

Appointments Qualified to YOUR Standards

Does the company selling you the appointments work with you to define your unique standards for a qualified appointment. If you have no input on what a qualified appointment is you probably want to give those guys a hard pass.

Does the Company Help Pre-Sell you

An appointment setting company should communicate to the homeowner that you are the best roofing company in your local market.  They should send your reviews and company details to the homeowner so your company pre-sold on you before you knock on the front door.

No BS Dispute System

Nothing is more frustrating than dealing with some nameless corporation that has no real incentive to ensure you are successful with their appointments. We believe if you make money our profits will sort themselves out. No Shows are never charged.

Complete Transparency

You should see and be able to review every touch point we have with your clients.  That is the only way you will know you the appointment is qualified before you show up on their front door. We even give you access to the recorded calls we have with your new customers.

No Contracts/No Upfront Costs

You should never be locked into doing business with a company that does not return a positive ROI for your marketing investment. We never ask for a deposit. We will never lock you into a contract. We often bill you for the appointment after you deliver the quote.

Your future Customers Nurtured Thru the Sales Cycle

Investing in a new roof is often a long drawn out process. Even after you deliver a quote it make takes weeks for the homeowner to make up their mind. We work with you to help nurture/encourage the homeowner to schedule the installation.

Why We're Different

Elite Roofing Appoint is a game changer in the roofing leads industry. We make it easy for roofing businesses to find their perfect roofing appointment. No more tiresome pre-qualifying leads, no more trying to get in touch with homeowners and no more hoping they will be a good fit. We take the guesswork out of roofing appointment!

Stop buying random leads! Instead place your order for pre-qualified appointments with local homeowners

 that need to replace their roof in the near term future.

We have a simple three step process that takes all the stress away from roofers – we connect with homeowners who need roof installation soon, prequalify them to ensure they are an ideal match for your roofing company, and provide complete transparency about the booking process. You can even listen to recordings of us booking your appointment!

But our services don't end there - we also put the lead into our Roof

 Closing CRM so you can not only nurture the lead but also presell them on why your roofing company is the best in town.

At Elite Roofing Appoints, we make sure your success comes first - so you can have peace of mind knowing that roofing appointment are booked and taken care of. Get started today and see the difference for yourself! We guarantee that our services will help you find your perfect roofing appointment. Try us out now!

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I am tired of getting shafted on my Roofing Marketing


How do you know if your appointments are qualified?

Qualifying a new roofing customer is an important part of any roofing business. Knowing the customer’s roofing needs, budget, and timeframe helps roofers provide the best roofing services that meet their expectations. Here are some steps to follow when qualifying a roofing customer:

1. Ask Questions: Finding out what roofing services the customer needs, such as roof repair or roof replacement, will help roofers determine which roof type (asphalt shingle, metal, or tile) and materials they should use. Additionally, asking questions about the home or building's size and location can help roofers better estimate labor costs and timeline for completion. To get a sense of the customer’s budget and other preferences, it’s also important to ask about available financing options and any special features they may want included in their roof.

2. Provide Estimates: Once all necessary information has been gathered from the customer, it’s time to provide them with an estimated cost for their project along with any additional fees that may be included. It’s also important to explain any potential risks involved with their project and provide an estimated timeline for completion before moving forward.

3. Schedule Appointments: After agreeing on a price point, scheduling appointments is essential to make sure customers receive accurate estimates from trusted roofers in a timely manner. Roofers should always make sure they are scheduling appointments with contractors who have experience working on similar projects in the past to ensure high-quality work that meets customers' expectations every time.

4. Follow Up: It's important to not only communicate via email or phone but also follow up in person after each appointment if needed in order to ensure customers stay informed throughout the process. This way customers can easily understand what their next steps are and be kept up-to-date on any delays or changes they should anticipate during their project's construction period.

By following these steps when qualifying a new roofing customer, you can guarantee professional results while providing excellent service before taking on a new roofing job!

Do you work with my precise qualities to prequalify roofing appointments?

Lead Generation services can help roofing businesses prequalify appointments, creating opportunities for more successful sales experiences. By using detailed customer information and assessing the prospects’ needs beforehand, roofers can better ensure that the prospects they visit are actually interested in their roofing services. This helps reduce wasted time and resources by focusing energy on more promising leads.

In order to maximize prequalification efforts, roofers should take advantage of Lead Generation services that match their specific qualities. Tools such as demographic targeting, automated surveys, and scoring systems allow roofers to customize the lead qualification process to fit their unique business model. With this data-driven approach, roofers can identify qualified prospects who are more likely to be interested in a roofing job.

What is a Nurture Campaign?

Nurture campaigns in your CRM can help roofing businesses increase roofing appointment and expand their reach. Nurture campaigns allow roofers to target interested leads with relevant content, such as roofing tips or maintenance guidelines. This helps build trust and familiarity with potential customers who may eventually book an appointment for roofing services. Additionally, a nurture campaign allows roofers to stay top-of-mind in the minds of prospects long after they have initially expressed interest in roofing services. By building relationships through regular communication, roofers can more easily convert leads into paying customers down the line. Ultimately, a nurture campaign is an effective way to generate more roofing appointments and grow your business!

Do You Help Pre-Sell My Company to the Appointments?

Lead generation can be a powerful tool for roofing appointment, helping to presell customers before you even arrive at the quote appointment. By gathering information about roofing needs and preferences online, roofers can tailor their pitch to provide more relevant proposals that are tailored to fit each customer’s specific requirements. This allows roofers to identify necessary changes or upgrades and address any potential problems up front, making it easier for the customer to understand why they need certain services and why now is a good time to invest in them. Having this information ahead of time also gives roofers an opportunity to build trust with potential customers by demonstrating their knowledge and expertise on roofing topics. With lead generation in place, roofers can go into the quote appointment confident that they already have a good understanding of the roofing problems and solutions that are suited to each customer, allowing roofers to move quickly and efficiently on the quote process. This makes it easier for roofers to close the deal with their customers and be seen as an expert in their field. Lead generation can benefit roofers by helping them presell potential customers before they even arrive at the quote appointment, making it easier to develop trusting relationships and close more deals.

How Do I Track Things?

Yes, roofing appointment can be tracked and managed with a follow up system. This helps roofers close quotes they have already delivered by allowing them to track contact information, callbacks, and other important details. Additionally, roofers can set reminders for themselves to ensure that all of their roofing leads are followed up on in a timely manner. With this system, roofers will never miss an opportunity to close another roofing project!

By keeping track of roofing contacts and appointments in one centralized place, roofers will find it easier to stay organized and keep their customer base happy. In addition to helping roofers close quotes more efficiently, the system also provides valuable data about customer interactions which can be used for marketing campaigns or even sales forecasting. Ultimately, roofers can use the follow-up system to close more roofing quotes and increase their profits.